by 30four

So after many months of waiting the Bentley EXP 9F SUV shocked the motoring world during last weeks Geneva Motor Show. When I say shocked it certainly was not in a good way. I mean clearly it was not much of a hit and the amount of negative reviews made Bentley go back to the drawing board. According to many sources they are reworking the look of the car to have a revised production model ready for 2015..we are posting a few pictures from the show for you to see how bentley managed to make their SUV look more like a massive london cab than a lurury SUV.. do you agree??

Uzun bir bekleyisin sonunda gecen hafta gerceklesen Geneva Motor Show’da yeni Bentley EXP 9F SUV gorucuge cikti..ama malesef hicte beklenen olmadi..soylentilere bakilirsa geri donus o kadar negatif olmuski bentley firmasi tekrardan design masasina oturup arabaya biraz ceki duzen vermeye karar vermisler.. yeni versiyonun production modelini 2015 hazirlamaya calisiyorlamis.. herneyse her ne kadar cirkinde olsa sizlere birkac resim post ediyoruz..sizce nasil?