by 30four


Scott Campbell, known as the tattoo artist who inked celebrities like Marc Jacobs, Heath Ledger.You can imagine that it is really hard and near impossible to get an appointment from him..But his tattoos are amazing and a real work of art. Besides tattoos he is also into designing objects and lately he had a collaboration with Louis Vuitton for the SS11 Menswear collection.

Now though get back to topic.. The Book.. His book is out by rizzoli its called “If you Don’t Belong, Don’t be long” in which he explains how he combined his tattoos and contemporary art. This sounds interesting and if you aren’t interested in getting a tattoo done or can simply not get an appointment.. this is your only gateway to getting a piece of Scott Campbell.



Scott Campbell, Marc Jacobs ve Heath Ledger gibi unlulerin tattoo “dovme” artist’i olarak duyurdu ismini. Tahmin edersiniz ki ondan randevu almak cok cok ama cok zor ama bizce beklemeye deger cunku gercek bir sanatci kendisi. Dovmeleri disinda ayni zamanda Louis Vuitton’un Ilkbahar/yaz 2011 erkek koleksiyonunda da Marc Jacobs’la ortak bir calisma gerceklestirdiler.

Simdi de Rizzoli yayinevinden kitabi cikti!

bu kitapta Campbell islerini ve dovme sanatiyla cagdas sanati nasil birlestirdigini anlatiyor. Mutlaka goz atip alinmali!!!